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VR and burger t-shirt

At Holon, we’re working on Virtual Reality games such as CINDERS OF HADES that are meant to be played with a VR headset. We have recently noticed that VR is making its way into the Automotive World, and we thought we would show you a glimpse of what it will do to improve your experience as a consumer!

  • Design – Virtual Reality kits are currently allowing engineers and designers to collaborate from great distances. Sometimes a problem takes multiple hands-on to work through, and with VR, engineering teams can work out all the issues together in real-time, without crowding each other in a real engine environment. Take a look at Improv’s article for a more comprehensive look at VR in automobile engineering!


  • Training – Virtual Reality is allowing technicians to learn to fix machines before they even arrive. Being able to approach the work they need to do in 360 degrees will enable technicians to understand better how they will need to move around the engine when doing repairs. Jason offers a detailed look at this process!

  • Repairs – While Virtual reality can’t help much with repair work (as the technician needs to see the engine with their own eyes), Augmented Reality is already assisting technicians in diagnosing complex car repair issues. We’re less than a generation away from AR safety goggles that connect to the engine as a technician diagnoses it! Check out how Re’Flekt uses AR to help service Land Rovers!


  • Sales – By cutting down on the work salespersons have to make a pitch, VR kits can be a tremendous boost for new car sales. Instead of having the high overhead of cars to choose from, manufacturers can make bespoke cars based on their desires and budget.  EvoxImages looks at how VR will drive future car sales.

It’s incredible how much VR is currently employed from the Automotive industry! From the design table to dealership, Virtual Reality will be a big part of our automotive experience soon. It’s certainly a big part of Holon’s future in the gaming industry!