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Wizard concept art for “Cinders of Hades”, from Holon Studios.

The art of video game development is bigger than many might expect. From the character concept development to the coding that goes into the scenes and textures, there is a lot of art throughout video game development.

At Holon Studios, we are developing our first of two video games that we hope to launch within twelve months. The first game we are working on is called Cinders of Hades. In Cinders of Hades, the magical realm wizard is trying to protect the towers, which contain the libraries of knowledge as evil forces are trying to destroy them. Think Dungeons & Dragons meets Missile Command.

Here is a video showing the development of the Wizard character, Darb, the most powerful Wizard of Eryemont. His job is to protect the Libraries of Knowledge located within the seven Pillars of Royark.

As you can see, the artist drew the character in a format that would allow a 3-D rendering. After the Wizard’s character was drawn, the gaming development team had to create the landscape, weapons, and other tools within the game’s environment. The literal art of video game development is a group effort and it takes many hours to execute into a market-ready launch.

But there is more art found within video game development. The art is also found in the company’s logo and animation. For example, here is a picture of the Holon Studios logo.

Holon Studios logo

But when you want the logo to stand out, animation will make it pop. Here is an example of the Holon Studios animation.

These are just a few examples of the enormous amount of art that goes into video game development. In the future, we will explore the technology of video game development.

In the meantime, Holon Studios is actively engaging with potential investors who want to help launch our first of two video game products. If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting a seasoned team of game development professionals in an industry that is growing exponentially since the beginning of the COVID era. For example in April 2020, video game sales increased by 35%, video game engagement went up 50%, and the number of people across the globe spending more time on computers and video games is up 36%. There is a lot to be excited about when working with Holon Studios. For investor information, please contact us at

We look forward to sharing more exciting news about our upcoming video games in the coming months. Until then, be sure to share your contact information with us so we can keep you informed about Cinders of Hades and our second planned launch, Chance Royale.