Social Casino Games: A Unique Experience to Gambling, Wining & Dining!

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social casinos
Do you like the feeling of dressing up, getting together with friends, and hitting the town for a good time? Dinner, drinks, and dancing are fun things to do if you’re lucky enough to have the money, the clothes, the friends, and the cool locations to play with.

But here’s the thing… when our game-world environments become more sophisticated, when we’re too busy to hit the town, and when our friends are not available, we still want to have fun, right? That’s why social casino apps have become the premier alt experience to gambling, wining, and dining!

Picture this:

You’ve been busy all day long with work and your daily commitments. By the time you get home, you’re too pooped to party. All you want to do is climb into your jammies and veg out for a while. That’s when mobile social casino apps are perfect for helping you to chill and unwind. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to hop onto your mobile device and do some social casino gaming on your phone while you’re…

  • Waiting to board the plane?
  • Waiting for the doctor to call you into her office?
  • Waiting for your kid’s soccer practice to finish?
  • Waiting for your friend who’s always 10 minutes late?

Mobile social casinos allow you to gamble without having to worry about losing your house.

Social casino gaming allows you the choice of playing slots along with other players around the world, so you’re making new friends.

Casino slot games allow you to enter a world — albeit temporarily — that will allow you to virtually wine, dine, and have a lot of fun…all without breaking the bank or having to put on a pair of heels.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

That’s why Holon Studios is currently developing a series of mobile social casino games that will allow you to enjoy yourself, even when you’re wearing your favorite robe and bunny slippers.

For more information about the development of our social casino games, sign up for news and other updates by sending a request to You may be invited to beta test some of our newest games!