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Cinder of Hades - Holon Studios

Welcome to 2021! It’s been an amazing year and a terrible year in so many ways, both in terms of the events in our community (pandemic, food and toilet paper shortages, wildfires, and even the threat of ‘murder hornets’).

After a year of labor, CINDERS OF HADES is finally out and available! Please go to our Steam store for details. This is our first game released and a fun game in the grand tradition of castle defense shooters. The game has greatly evolved as we’ve developed it, so we thought we’d take a moment to look back at how it changed over two years in development. 

Bonefeather sketchesWe began by creating our protagonist from a few concept sketches. We took a vote and called him “Boney McBonefeather”. In the original iteration of the game, Boney was on a lava covered field, shooting at rocks thrown from overhead by a blimp.

Cinders of Hades - villains

Over time and when dealing with the limitations and issues in graphics, our game’s landscape evolved. Gone was the lava field, and it was replaced with a lush, verdant green background. It also started to occur to us that Boney looked more like a bad guy than a good guy, so we switched his role as the major baddie in Cinders of Hades.


The next step in the evolution of development was creating the hero. We made our hero into “The Wizard”, fighting lots of characters and attackers, now defending the walls of an ancient castle from attack. The walls in the early models were less like castle walls and more like Duplo blocks! 

This was one of our first playable versions. It was so good to be able to share amongst the staff and test out the game as we went. Unfortunately, the frames per second in that the early builds were still too high to play the game effectively. 

That’s when Boney McBonefeather re-emerged as an even greater villain. Bonefeather is now an evil lich-like wizard, a giant skeleton casting evil spells from the horizon as he walks forward to destroy the kingdom our Wizard (the player) protects. That is why you don’t see the Wizard character, because YOU, the player, ARE the Wizard. (Isn’t that cool?)

Cinders of Hades Hell Bugs concept art

In trying to get the graphics right, CINDERS OF HADES was stripped down and built back up. As we went, we added new characters, new features, and new graphics, until we would up with our current set of characters. We hope you’ll like CINDERS OF HADES, now available for Virtual Reality players.